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Save Time / Save Money / Reduce Worker Fatigue™


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 The video above highlights the "Pest Protection" capability of the Omni System.  Please review the entire site to learn the
Time & Money Saving Benefits of all the Omni-Clip™ Systems.


*Within the first 90 days, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will replace the disliked items or you can return them for a full refund. 



MISSION: Simplify or eliminate as many of the time consuming steps/actions that slow down conventional PEST PROTECTION, SNOW RETENTION and LIGHTING GUARD projects. 

"Saving Time & Money"  


Q:  What is the biggest benefit of working with the OMNI-CLIP SYSTEM?
A:  The biggest benefit is the +-50% time savings resulting in substantial overall cost savings. 
Q:  Is it true that "making even one hole in a PV panel" with a Self-tapping Screw VOIDS the warranty offered from most manufactures?
A:  Yes, this common technique for mounting pest abatement is detrimental to the warranty coverage of the system.  The OMNI-CLIP™ is warranty friendly!
Q:  Is it true that the ZUERILLIUM ALLOY™ CLIPS come in two color options?
A:  Yes, the Rustproof Alloy Clips are offered in either Silver or Shadow Black™
Q:  Is it true that the OMNI-CLIPS are compatible to nearly 100% of PV panels and mounting systems?
A:  Yes, whether the panel is 20 years old on a rooftop or is brand new in a box, nearly 100% compatibility is assured. 
Q:  Beyond the Time and Cost Savings what other key benefits does the OMNI SYSTEM offer?
A:  "Easy Installation"
"Reduced Worker Fatigue"
"50 YEAR Guarantee on all Alloy Parts"
Q:  Is it true that OMNI ROOFTOP SYSTEMS LLC sells all the necessary components to complete any job?
A:  Yes, they are a "One Stop Shop" for all the supplies that will be needed to start and finish a project. This makes it easier for supply chain management.